Wildfire Protection Services have spared no expence in testing with both Bodycote Warringtonfire and CSIRO Tests AS1530.8.1 proving that this product stands up to Extreme levels of bushfire attack, holding back 40kW/m2 of Radiant Heat. To put this in perspective 2.1kW/m2 will burn you, 7—10kW/m2 will kill you in less than 1 minute exposure, and 13kW/m2 will ignite your furniture & curtains through your glass, with float glass breaking at 14kW/m2 making your home susceptible to burning embers.( Please click on PDF below to see our full test results).


                 (Down load test results)


Radiant heat on the High Radiometer peaks at just over 50kW/m2, while the Radiometer behind the glass detects a safe 1.2kW/m2


Temperature sensors  on the outer face peaks at 566˚C while facing over 1000˚C. Temperature sensor behind the glass detects a safe 62˚C