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Radiant Shield “Glenrowan”

These Radiant Shields are tailor made to fit your home and requirements. They are a strong sturdy design, available in manual deployment, 240 volt or 12 volt, all hardware is available in a range of colourbond colours.

SKU/Item Number: WPS Glenrowan  
Price: POA

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Aluscape Suit

Perfect for personal protection from bushfires, or quick escape from burning homes. Fast to put on in less than 30 seconds, reflects 40kW/m2 of radiant heat flux, and folds down to nearly pocket size.

SKU/Item Number: WPS ASC  
Price: $354 + Tax

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Xscape Suit

Designed for escape from burning high rise buildings, homes, mines, tunnels, or even aircraft, has been tested to 3000˚C for 2 x 3 second blasts with zero burn.

SKU/Item Number: WPS XS  

Price: $567 + Tax


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Purify Air 30 Fire Escape Hood 

Gives you 30 minutes of breathable air in a smoke filled building, filtering you from Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrogen Chloride and Acrolein. Protects from smoke inhalation in house fires.

Test Standard EN 403:2004

SKU/Item Number: WPS PA30  

Price: $98 + Tax


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Sundstrom Mask Kit

The Sundstrom Breathing Kit is a Premium respirator that takes the hassle out of choosing the right mask for use in a bushfire. The filters are vacuum packed giving them a five year shelf life when unopened. These masks are fully compliant to the latest Australian Standards.

SKU/Item Number: WFP SBK  

Price: $80.92 + Tax


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Fire Pump Cover

Custom made radiant heat shields for water pumps and any other valuable equipment on your property.


Price:From $150 + Tax


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Burn Over Protection Shields

Custom made radiant heat shields for vehicles to protect the occupants from flash burn overs

We are able to manufacture these burnover screens capable of withstanding 40kW/m2 of radiant heat flux, for any vehicle. These screens consist of a layer of aluminiumised fabric to reflect the radiant heat and are backed with aramid fabric to protect occupants from convected heat.


Price: POA



Safety Goggles

These safety goggles will assist in keeping smoke and dust out of your eyes when defending your property


Price: $4.75


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Personal Safety Kit

Purchase and store all you personal fire safety gear in one easy to find stow bag. Kit includes, Mask, Aluscape Poncho, Goggles,Gloves and Stow bag.


Price: $520.00 + Tax


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Gas Bottle Covers

We can manufacture covers for any application around your home


Price From:$159+ Tax

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Wildfire Protection Pocket

The Wildfire Protection Pocket offers you and your family an easy to use protection against a burn over.Pull this pocket out of the bag and climb in with your family in 30 seconds. Available in single person( .9m x 2.0m) and family size (1.5m x 2.0m). Family sized pocket shown in picture.

Reflects 40kW/m2 of radiant heat.


Price From:$265+ Tax


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Wildfire Protection Pet Pocket

Now Fido gets his own Wildfire Protection Pocket that offers him the same protection against a burn over.Pull this pocket out of the bag and put him in it for safe evacuation. Available in small, medium and large size.

Large Pet sized pocket shown in picture.

Reflects 40kW/m2 of radiant heat.



Small $65 + Tax

Med $85 + Tax

Large $105 + Tax