Wildfire Safety Bunker

The Wildfire Protection Safety Cell is a fire bunker that offers you, your family and the family pets, a safe haven in the event of a bushfire. The exterior is coated with a special flame resistant paint to protect it from direct flame and radiant heat exposure.

The safety cell is not a dark, dingy, claustrophobic bunker but a room that allows it to be used all year round as a rumpus room, music room or any other function you can think of. Another feature of the safety cell is that your valuables can be stored in it all year round if you wish.

The interior is lined with 30mm of thermal insulation double sided with its own aluminiumised coating to defend against both radiant and convected heat. The Safety Cell comes with a 5.5mm thick laminated observation window with a wind down aluminiumised radiant heat shield blind.


Additional options:

  • Self contained air supply system for added security.
  • Colourbond pitched roof.
  • Xscape suits
  • Air Purify 30 Masks
  • Extended version to accommodate two to four horses or similar livestock.
  • The safety cell can be installed so that it can be accessed from inside your home in the event of a fire.

    Fire safety cell with blind deployed

    Optional Breathing apparatus


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