Wildfire Protection Services are proud to announce their new Flame Zone blind. This brand new concept was developed in our Dandenong factory under the advise of Dr Ian Bennetts, Phd, FIE (Aust), NPER .

The Wildfire FZ blind has been based on a conceptual design, analysis testing to AS 1530.8.2 of window systems undertaken by the Building Commission and available on its website.

The test required a prototype blind to protect a standard double glazed window for the duration of 30 minutes at 950 deg C. The heat radiation on the surface of the blind during this test was in excess of 85 Kw/m2. The test results show that the prototype blind was able to hold all but 1KW/m2 from passing through the test window, ( the suns radiation is 1.5KW/m2).

The Wildfire FZ blind has been assessed by DR Ian Bennetts as meeting the performance requirement for a window system for use in BAL-FZ and is supported by his report providing expert opinion to this effect. (Click below to view report)

Assessment of BAL FZ External Sliding Shutter System.

The FZ blind can be used on a range of windows that have specified properties.

The Wildfire FZ blind can be retro fitted or included it to the build of your new home, making it totally hidden from view.

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Factory Phone: (03) 9706 6191 or mobile 0412 456766.


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